The Only ‘This or That Questions for Couples’ You’ll Ever Need for a Hot Date Night


Tired of the same old routine on date nights? Struggling to keep the spark alive in your relationship? Fear not, because we’ve got the perfect solution to spice things up and reignite that fire – This or That questions for couples!

Intimacy and connection are crucial for any healthy, long-lasting relationship. However, as time goes by, it’s easy to fall into the trap of complacency, where conversations become stale, and the excitement fades. This is where these playful yet thought-provoking questions can come to your rescue, helping you and your partner explore new depths, reignite that passion, and most importantly, have fun together!

What are This or That Questions?

This or That Questions for Couples

This or That questions are a simple yet effective way to spark engaging conversations between partners. They typically present two contrasting options or scenarios, and you and your significant other have to choose one while explaining your reasoning.

The beauty of these questions lies in their ability to:

  1. Spark Conversations: Even the most seemingly straightforward questions can lead to unexpected and intriguing discussions, allowing you to learn new things about each other.
  2. Learn New Things: You’d be surprised at how much you can discover about your partner’s preferences, desires, and thought processes through their responses.
  3. Add Playfulness and Intimacy: These questions inject a sense of playfulness and intimacy into your interactions, helping you bond and connect on a deeper level.

Exciting This or That Questions for Couples

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Ready to dive into some tantalizing This or That questions for couples? Here’s a curated selection to get you and your partner fired up and ready for a steamy date night:


In Bed

  • Slow and sensual or fast and passionate?
  • Candlelight or mood lighting?
  • Silk sheets or satin?

Outside the Bedroom

  • Romantic picnic or candlelit dinner?
  • Love letters or love songs?
  • Surprise weekend getaway or spa day together?


  • Lingerie or nothing at all?
  • Whipped cream or chocolate syrup?
  • Naughty or nice?


  • Soulmates or life partners?
  • Love at first sight or slow burn?
  • Grand romantic gestures or simple acts of love?


  • Skinny dipping or stargazing?
  • Role-playing or toys?
  • Outdoor adventure or cozy night in?


  • Pineapple on pizza or not?
  • Burp or fart?
  • Dancing like no one’s watching or singing in the shower?

Tips and Using This or That Questions for Couples

To make the most out of these tantalizing questions, here are some tips to keep in mind:

Set the Mood

Create a relaxed and intimate atmosphere, whether it’s dimming the lights, lighting some candles, or putting on some sensual music. This will help you and your partner feel comfortable and open to exploring new depths.

Take Turns

Take turns asking and answering the questions, giving each other the chance to share and listen. This back-and-forth dynamic will keep the conversation flowing and engaging.

Be Open-Minded

Approach these questions with an open mind and a willingness to learn. Don’t judge or criticize your partner’s responses; instead, use them as an opportunity to understand their perspectives and desires better.

Follow Up with Deeper Conversations

While these questions are meant to be fun and flirty, they can also lead to deeper, more meaningful conversations about your relationship, desires, and boundaries. Be prepared to dive deeper if the opportunity arises.

Romantic This or That Questions for Date Night

Romantic This or That Questions for Date Night
  1. Candlelit dinner at home or a fancy restaurant?
  2. Slow dancing or cuddling on the couch?
  3. Love letters or love songs?
  4. Couples massage or rose petal bath?
  5. Surprise weekend getaway or a cozy staycation?
  6. Exchanging heartfelt gifts or writing love poems?
  7. Cooking a romantic meal together or having it delivered?
  8. Stargazing or watching the sunset?
  9. Picnic in the park or a moonlit stroll?
  10. Recreating your first date or trying something new?
  11. Breakfast in bed or a candlelit dinner?
  12. Love notes hidden around the house or a giant teddy bear?
  13. Couple’s yoga or a tandem bike ride?
  14. A horse-drawn carriage ride or a hot air balloon adventure?
  15. Couples massage or a soothing bubble bath together?
  16. Slow kisses or passionate embraces?
  17. Love songs soundtrack or romantic movie marathon?
  18. Rooftop dinner with city views or a cozy cabin in the woods?
  19. Couple’s painting class or a dance lesson together?
  20. Trail of rose petals or a room filled with candles?

These questions can spark conversations about romantic gestures, intimacy, and quality time together. Remember to keep an open mind, share your reasons behind your choices, and have fun connecting with your partner!

This or That Questions for Couples to Discuss Future Plans

This or That Questions for Couples to Discuss Future Plans
  1. City life or countryside living?
  2. Having kids or remaining child-free?
  3. Buying a house or continuing to rent?
  4. Starting your own business or working for someone else?
  5. Traveling the world or settling down in one place?
  6. Early retirement or working until the traditional retirement age?
  7. Living close to family or moving away for new opportunities?
  8. Investing in real estate or stocks and bonds?
  9. Adopting a child or pursuing fertility treatments?
  10. Saving aggressively for the future or enjoying life more in the present?
  11. Having a big wedding or eloping?
  12. Pursuing further education or being content with current qualifications?
  13. Living a minimalist lifestyle or accumulating possessions?
  14. Moving to a different country or staying in your home country?
  15. Prioritizing career ambitions or focusing on work-life balance?
  16. Living in a bustling city or a quiet suburban area?
  17. Retiring early to travel or working part-time in retirement?
  18. Having a joint bank account or keeping finances separate?
  19. Downsizing to a smaller home or renovating/expanding your current home?
  20. Pursuing a passion project or sticking with a stable career?

These questions can prompt deep discussions about each partner’s goals, values, and visions for the future. Use them to understand each other’s perspectives, find common ground, and make informed decisions together as a couple.

This or That Questions for Kids

This or That Questions for Kids
  1. Ice cream or cake?
  2. Superhero or princess?
  3. Dog or cat?
  4. Beach or mountains?
  5. Skateboard or bicycle?
  6. Video games or board games?
  7. Pizza or tacos?
  8. Treehouse or clubhouse?
  9. Roller coaster or Ferris wheel?
  10. Camping or hotel?
  11. Drawing or coloring?
  12. Soccer or basketball?
  13. Hamburger or hot dog?
  14. Snowball fight or building a snowman?
  15. Reading books or watching movies?
  16. Swimming pool or sprinklers?
  17. Pancakes or waffles?
  18. Dinosaurs or robots?
  19. Climbing trees or swinging on a swing set?
  20. Playing outside or playing inside?

These questions can be a fun way to engage kids in conversation and learn more about their interests, preferences, and personalities. Keep the questions age-appropriate and lighthearted, and encourage them to explain their choices. It can also be a great way to spark their imagination and creativity.


This or That questions for couples are a fantastic way to reignite the spark, explore new depths, and most importantly, have fun together. By encouraging open and honest communication, fostering intimacy, and injecting a sense of playfulness into your interactions, these questions can help strengthen your bond and keep the excitement alive.

So, why not give them a try on your next date night? Grab your partner, create a cozy atmosphere, and let the questions flow. Who knows where the conversation might lead or what new discoveries you’ll make about each other?

Remember, a strong and lasting relationship requires continuous effort, communication, and a willingness to explore new avenues of intimacy and connection. These This or That questions are just the beginning – embrace them, and let the journey of rediscovering each other unfold.


Can these questions be used for all types of couples?

Absolutely! These questions are designed to be inclusive and adaptable to all types of relationships, regardless of gender, orientation, or relationship dynamic.

What if we disagree on some of the answers?

Disagreements are perfectly normal and can lead to even deeper conversations and understanding. Approach them with an open mind and a willingness to learn from each other’s perspectives.

Can we modify or add our own questions?

Of course! These questions are meant to be a starting point. Feel free to modify them or create your own personalized list that caters to your specific interests and desires.

What if some questions make us uncomfortable?

Communication and consent are key. If a question makes either of you uncomfortable, simply skip it and move on to the next one. Remember, these questions are meant to be fun and engaging, not cause distress.

How often should we use these questions?

There’s no set frequency – use them as often as you’d like to keep the spark alive and foster intimacy in your relationship. They can be a great addition to regular date nights or even incorporated into everyday conversations.