20 Tattoos of Names on Neck

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Tattoos have become a popular form of self-expression over the years. They represent our beliefs, memories, and experiences, and one such tattoo is the tattoos of names on neck. Tattoos are special since they carry the name of someone close to your heart and commemorate your relationship. One of the most popular places to get a name tattoo is on your neck. In this blog post, we’ll discuss everything you need to know before getting one of the 20 tattoos of names on neck.

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Why Get a Neck Tattoo?

Tattoos of Names on Neck

Getting a neck tattoo is a bold step and is seen as a statement piece. It is a visible spot and catches everyone’s attention. Neck tattoos are becoming popular because they’re more versatile and cover a wide range of themes. This type of tattoo is great if you want to display your personality or something that inspires you.

Choosing the Right Font

Tattoos of Names on Neck

Choosing a font is one of the most important decisions when getting a name tattoo. The right font can make a tattoo look beautiful and visually appealing. Script typefaces are popular and generally convey elegance, but some fonts can be hard to read when they’re tiny. This is especially true for tattoos on your neck. Consider having a larger font to make the name legible.

Placement on the Neck

Tattoos of Names on Neck

When it comes to tattoos of names on the neck, the placement is vital. Consider the size of the name and pick a spot that fits the name best. The most popular place is the back of your neck, where it’s visible but not too overbearing. You can also get tattoos that go around your neck or on the sides.

Time and Maintenance

Tattoos of Names on Neck

Getting inked on your neck is not entirely painless and might take some time to recover. It would help if you were prepared for a bit of pain and discomfort during the tattooing process. Remember, when getting a name tattoo, it’ll be on your skin for a long time, so it’s crucial to take excellent care of it for proper healing.

Related Designs

If you don’t want to have a name alone, you can also consider related designs to add more depth to the tattoo. You can add the person’s birthdate, a personal symbol, or other meaningful designs. These additional designs will give more character to your tattoo and make it even more unique.

Ideas for Tattoos of Names on Neck

Tattoos of Names on Neck

Here are 20 ideas for tattoos of names on neck that’ll inspire you to get one.

– Family name with birthdate

– Lover’s initials

– Child’s name

– Best friend’s name

– Pet’s name

– Mother’s or father’s name

– A nickname

– Words of inspiration

– A memorial tribute to a loved one

– A significant date

– A quote or a phrase

– A favourite game, movie, or book character’s name

– A declaration of love

– A favourite band’s name or song lyric

– A religious name, symbol, or phrase

– An astrological sign

– A mark for people in a profession, for example, a soldier

– A word in a foreign language that holds significance to you

– A child’s handwriting that wrote your name

– A favourite city’s name


Getting a tattoo of a name on your neck is not entirely straightforward. It requires time, thought, and commitment to wear a name tattoo on your skin. With so many unique and meaningful tattoo design choices to choose from, incorporating a name into a tattoo allows you to honor your loved ones and make a personal statement. Hopefully, this blog post has given you all the information you need to make an informed decision. Remember, before getting your tattoo, take time to research and find the right artist who can bring your vision to life.

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